Quran Classes for Kids

Tajweed ul Quran Academy offers Quran classes for kids. As we know children require more attention and different level of expertise then grown ups our experienced Hafiz know how to teach your kids and make them better Muslims.

Our teachers are professional and experienced having good knowledge about teaching Quran. All of them have more then 5 years of experience about teaching Nazra and Tajweed.

First they will build interest in kids about learning Quran then start teaching Quran in a way that kids would love to attend their next class.

Our interactive Noraani Qaida and Tajweed Qaida will help it more interesting and easy for kids to learn Quran.

As a result your kids will learn Quran much faster and better, which will save time and money. We offer 3 day trial classes get your registered here.

Note:- Currently we only offer Nazra (Nadra) and Tajweed classes for kids. Hifz (Memorization of Quran) classes will be announced soon.