Why Us

This page is about Tajweed ul Quran academy’s staff, there personalties and teaching method. We will also discuss what makes us different from other academies out there. So let’s dive into it.

Our teachers are well disciplined and experienced, all of them have more than 5 years experience of teaching  Nadra(Nazra) Quran, Tajweed and Hifz.

Our teacher have clear object of lessons. They know how to and what to teach according to age and pace of a student. Therefore they can teach student according to their progress and study pace.

Our teacher are enthusiastic and motivated about teaching Quran o Tajweed. They also motivate students when they fail in achieving their targets because learning can be tough sometimes they never let there students feel down.

Our teachers are very kind and caring. No matter student is a kid or a grown person our teachers try there best to teach them with utmost care and respect. They try their best to solve students curriculum and extra
curriculum issues.

Our teachers have good communication skills and engaging personalties currently we have Urdu, Punjabi and Kashmiri speaking teachers.

As a result our students learn way more faster and better than other academies which will save money and time, even more we offer 3 days trial classes so get your self registered.